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England OaksWith its tree-lined streets and shaded yards, England Oaks is an ideal location to call home. And for years, U.S. military families did just that. 

In June 1955, the base was officially named England Air Force Base in honor of Lt. Col. John B. England, who had been commander of the 389th Bomber Squadron at the base. England OaksFor the next 37 years, scores of military families lived amongst our shady oaks and peaceful natural beauty. In 1992, the base was officially closed and England Air Force Base began its transition to civilian life. Front Porch Partner, California Lutheran Homes and Community Services, leased the land in 1996 and began an exciting renovation of the former officer housing and landscape, resulting in England Oaks Adult Living Community. It’s one of two military base re-use projects around the country pioneered by Front Porch.

Low Cost Military Retirement Homes
Today, England Oaks is one of the most successful examples of military base reuse in the country. While we are open to all, many former military have made England Oaks their home. The first to offer a retirement community designed specifically for active adults on a former military base, England Oaks offers all the nostalgia, charm, convenience and amenities for one low monthly fee. All of our charming duplex retirement homes, which formerly housed enlisted military families, are now home to a warm, welcoming retirement  community of like-minded people.

England Oaks is part of the Front Porch family of retirement communities supported by California Lutheran Homes and Community Services.




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